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Homotopy Theory Seminar

Thursday, September 29, 2022 - 3:30pm

Maxime Ramzi

Københavns Universitet


University of Pennsylvania

We use categorified traces to produce formulas for dimensions of colimits of local systems of dualizable objects in some symmetric monoidal ∞-category, indexed by sufficiently nice spaces. These formulas specialize on the one hand to the very classical character-theoretic formulas for dimensions of coinvariants in the case of vector spaces in characteristic 0 and when the space is BG for some finite group G; and on the other hand to the Blumberg-Cohen-Schlichtkrull formula for topological Hochschild homology of Thom spectra. This is all joint work with Shachar Carmeli, Bastiaan Cnossen and Lior Yanovski.