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Deformation Theory Seminar

Wednesday, July 12, 2017 - 2:00pm

Ping Xu



University of Pennsylvania

DRL 4C2 or TBA

A Lie pair (L,A) consists of a Lie algebra (or  more generally, a Lie algebroid) L

together with a Lie  subalgebra  (or Lie subalgebroid) A.

A wide range of geometric situations can be  described in  terms of Lie pairs

including complex manifolds, foliations, and  manifolds equipped with Liie group actions. 

To each Lie pair (L,A) are associated two L-infinity algebras,which play roles similar to the spaces of polyvector fields and polydifferential operators. 

We establish the formality theorem for Lie pairs. As an application, we obtain  Kontsevich-Duflo type theorem for Lie pairs.

Besides using Kontsevich formality theorem, our approach is based on the construction of a dg manifold (L[1] + L/A, Q) together with a  dg foliation,

called the Fedosov dg Lie algebroid.


This is a joint work with Hsuan-Yi Liao and Mathieu Stienon.