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Probability and Combinatorics

Tuesday, September 21, 2021 - 3:30pm

Jiaming Xia

University of Pennsylvania


University of Pennsylvania

David Rittenhouse Lab A-1

In this talk, I will first present the high-dimensional limit of the free energy associated with the inference problem of finite-rank matrix tensor products. We compare the limit with the solution to a certain Hamilton-Jacobi equation, following the recent approach by Jean-Christophe Mourrat. The motivation comes from the averaged free energy solving an approximate Hamilton-Jacobi equation. We consider two notions of solutions which are weak solutions and viscosity solutions. The two types of solutions require different treatments and each has its own advantages. At the end of this part, I will show an example of application of our results to a model with i.i.d. entries and symmetric interactions. If time permits, I will talk about the same problem but with a different model, namely, the multi-layer generalized linear model. I will mainly explain the iteration method as an important tool used in our proof. This is based on joint works with Hong-Bin Chen and J.-C. Mourrat, NYU.