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CAGE: Philadelphia Area Combinatorics and Alg. Geometry Seminar

Thursday, April 20, 2017 - 3:00pm

Voula Collins

University of Connecticut


University of Pennsylvania


This talk will begin with the work of Davesh Maulik and Andrei Okounkov where they define a ``stable basis" for the T-equivariant cohomology ring of the cotangent bundle to a Grassmannian. Just as we can compute the product structure of the cohomology ring of a Grassmannian using Schubert classes as a basis, it is natural to attempt to do the same for the cotangent bundle to a Grassmannian using these Maulik-Okounkov classes as a basis. In this talk we will focus on computing these structure constants for the cotangent bundle to projective space, first computing them directly using definitions from Maulik and Okounkov, and then putting forth a conjectural positive formula which uses a variant of Knutson-Tao puzzles.