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MathBio Seminar

Monday, October 3, 2022 - 4:00pm

Kresimir Josic

University of Houston


University of Pennsylvania

DRL 4C6 and via Zoom

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 997 9233 2298 Passcode: 657898

Modeling is essential in the design of genetic circuits with desired properties. I will review several examples where mathematical models have been central to the development and understanding of the dynamic of synthetic organisms. I will start with a discussion of synthetic bacterial consortia that exhibit emergent oscillatory behavior - when co-cultured, the interaction between two bacterial strains results in population-level transcriptional oscillations. The spatio-temporal dynamics of such consortia, including synchrony between distant parts of the population, depend sensitively on the architecture of the underlying genetic circuits. I will then describe how oscillations, and other spatiotemporal patterns can arise in consortia of cells that individually exhibit bistable dynamics. I will show how simplified mathematical models can help us understand how order emerges in these systems, how robust oscillations and other patterns can arise, and how they are maintained.