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Note: The Tutoring Center also offers Penn students a variety of peer tutoring services to supplement the academic support provided by Penn faculty, teaching assistants and learning instructors.

Tutors are listed in alphabetical order.

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Name E-Mail Phone Courses tutored Rate Field  
Rodrigo Barbosa
or barbosa@math
267-254-3096 All Ugrad or Grad Math/Stat/Physics $80 Grad Student  
Jorge Barreras Cortes 267-269-7556 All Ugrad or Grad Math/Stat/SAT/AP/GRE $60 Grad in AMCS  
Elena Bernardis via email All Ugrad Math $75 Former Grad Student


Artur Bicalho-Saturnino via email All Ugrad Math $60 Grad in Math


Zhiqi Bu via email All Ugrad Math,Stats,SAT,AP and GRE $60 Grad in AMCS


Zhaodong Cai via email All Ugrad Math,SAT and GRE $60 Grad Student


Jinshuo Dong 267-324-9493 All Undergrad Math $30 AMCS in Math


Barry Grove & 267-408-9390 All Ugrad Math & Econ $60 Lecturer in Wharton  
Xinyu Liao &> via email All Ugrad Math,Stats,SAT,AP,GRE $50 Grad in AMCS  
Anna Pun 215-687-8883 All Ugrad Math/SAT/GRE $80 Grad in Math  
Mohammad Rostami via email All Ugrad Math  $50 Grad in Seas  
Sammy Sbiti via emai All Ugrad Math  $60 Grad in Math  
Elaine So soelaine@math 808-232-1116 All Ugrad Math  $75 Former Grad in Math  
Peter Subbarao subbarao@physics 510-847-9399 All Ugrad & Grad Math/Physics/Stat $90 Former Grad in Math and Physics


Man Cheung Tsui via email All Ugrad Math $60 Grad in Math  
Xuran Wang via email All Ugrad Math/Stats $55 Grad in Math  
Jing Xu xjing@sas via email All Ugrad Math $50 Grad in AMCS


Yao-Rui Yeo via email All Ugrad Math $60 Grad in Math  
 Aline Zanardini  via email All Ugrad Math  60  Grad in Math