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If you are having any technical difficulties with the Math Diagnostic,
please send e-mail to

Technical difficulties include:

  • Can't find the website
  • Can't log in
  • Can't navigate to the diagnostic exam
  • Exam is messed up (too slow, can't read it, did not download or display properly)

If you experienced a significant interruption while taking the exam, and this affected your ability to complete the exam, please send e-mail to and explain the circumstances.

If you were not able to take the exam under conditions that make your score meaningful, again, please contact

Q: What is the purpose of the exam?

A: Primarily to ensure that no one takes a class for which they do not have the background necessary to succeed, and that no one takes a class which is overly redundant with what they already know. A second purpose is to inform instructors as to their students' background and abilities.

Q: If I only want to take Math 1700, why do I have to take the diagnostic?

A: Instructors for Math 1700 still need to know the backgrounds of their students. Also, advisors need to know your math background even if you are not planning right now to take a math course other than Math 1700.

Q: Do I need to take this diagnostic if I received Math 1400 credit based on my score of 5 on the AP Calculus BC exam or a 7 on the Math with Further Math IB exam?

A: Yes. At the beginning of the diagnostic you will have a chance to report these, but we still need to gauge your familiarity with Penn's curriculum and this does not always match up to the AP and IB curricula.

Q: Can I take whatever math course I want, regardless of the outcome of the diagnostic?

A: The diagnostic is a very important factor but not the only consideration when deciding on which Math course is best for you. Your advisor will guide you based on your advising conversation, your high school experience, and the diagnostic results.

Q: Who will know the results of this test?

A: Instructors in math courses, selected members of the diagnostic team and the list of registered pre-major advisors. It will not go into your academic record.

Q: Whom should I contact about concerns about the diagnostic?

A: Same as for technical difficulties — contact