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Akshay Venkatesh Fall 2022 The Weil representation
Topology of surface bundles
Square classes of symplectic L-functions
Eva Bayer Fluckinger Spring 2020 Isometries of lattices and local-global principles
Even, unimodular lattices and a question of Gross and McMullen
Local-global principles in number Isometries of quadratic forms and a question of Milnor
Some rational and integral Hasse principles
Gigliola Staffilani Fall 2019 Some results on the almost everywhere convergence of the Schrodinger flow.
The NLS and its Gibbs measure
The phenomenon of transfer of energy for solutions to the 2D periodic NLS
The many different ways one can study periodic nonlinear Schrodinger equations (NLS)
Alexander S. Kechris Fall 2018 A descriptive set theoretic approach to problems in harmonic analysis, dynamical systems and combinatorics:
Lecture I. Set theory and trigonometric series
Lecture II. The complexity of classification problems in ergodic theory
Lecture III. Dynamics of non-archimedean groups, logic, and Ramsey theory
Lecture IV. Descriptive graph combinatorics
What is K-theory and what is it good for?
The Dirac operator
The Riemann-Roch Theorem
Beyond Ellipticity
Jacob Lurie Spring 2018 The Siegel Mass Formula and Weil's Conjecture
Nonabelian Poincare Duality
The Cohomology of Bun_G(X)
Weil's Conjecture for Function Fields
Bjorn Poonen Fall 2017 Undecidability in number theory
Undecidability in group theory, analysis, and topology
Undecidability everywhere
Elliptic curves and the number 21
Lisa Jeffrey Spring 2017 Flat connections on 2-manifolds
The based loop group
The real locus of a symplectic manifold
Claude LeBrun Fall 2016 Four-Manifolds, Einstein Metrics, and Differential Topology
Hélène Esnault Spring 2016 Some Lefschetz theorems in algebraic arithmetic geometry
Andre Neves Fall 2014 Min-Max Methods in Geometry
Nigel Hitchin Fall 2014 The Higgs bundle moduli space
Edward Witten Spring 2014 A New Look at the Jones Polynomial of a Knot [ArXiv Lecture Notes}
Ben J. Green Fall 2013 Approximate algebraic structure and applications
Cedric Villiani Spring 2013 Riemann, Boltzmann and Kantorovich go to a party
Avi Wigderson Fall 2012 Computational Complexity and Mathematics
Sylvain E. Cappell Spring 2012 Introduction to a Geometer's Toolbox
Claire Voisin Fall 2011 Chow rings, decomposition of the diagonal and the topology of families
Gunnar Carlsson Spring 2011 Topology and Data
Carl Pomerance Fall 2010 Counting problems in elementary number theory
John H. Coates Spring 2010 Iwasawa theory
Lawrence C. Evans Fall 2009 Convexity, quasiconvexity and nonconvexity methods for nonlinear partial differential equations
David Gabai Spring 2009 3-dimensional hyperbolic geometry, taut foliations, knot theory and the topology of ending lamination space
Charles Fefferman Fall 2008 Extension and Interpolation of Functions
Robert Bryant Spring 2008 Differential Equations and Geometric Structures
Hendrik W. Lenstra Fall 2007 Algorithms for ordered fields
Peter Sarnak Fall 2006 Equidistribution and Primes
Silvio Micali Fall 2005 From Trust to Reason
Ib Madsen Spring 2005 On the Topology of Moduli Spaces of Riemann Surfaces
Yuval Peres Fall 2004 Point Processes, The Stable Marriage Algorithm, and Gaussian Power Series
Dan-Virgil Voiculescu Spring 2004 Aspects of Free Probability
Richard E. Borcherds Fall 2003 Modular forms, Lie algebras & infinite products
George E. Andrews Spring 2003 Rademacher, Ramanujan, Rogers and Partitions
Harvey Friedman Fall 2002 Demonstrably Necessary Uses of Abstraction
Noga Alon Spring 2002 Probabilistic and Algebraic Methods in Discrete Mathematics
Alan Edelman Fall 2001 Linear Algebra: From Theory to Practice
Dusa McDuff Spring 2001 Geometry and topology of groups of symplectomorphisms
Ueli Maurer Fall 2000 Cryptography - Science of paradoxes
Alexander Givental Spring 2000 Symplectic Topology from Hurwitz to Poincare
S-T Yau Spring 1999 Mirror Symmetry
Persi Diaconis Fall 1998 Patterns in Eigenvalues.
Robert K. Lazarsfeld Spring 1998 Introduction: Abelian varieties and theta functions.
Ronald R. Coifman Spring 1997 Adapted waveform analysis, a musical notation for functions.
Yakov Eliashberg Fall 1996 Geometry and topology of affine complex manifolds.
Richard M. Schoen Spring 1996 Variational Problems in Geometry.
Benedict H. Gross Fall 1995 Exceptional Groups and Number Theory.
Victor Guillemin Spring 1995 Geometric Quantization, Representation Theory, and Lattice Point Counting Problems.
Angus Macintyre Fall 1994 The Logic of Subanalytic Geometry.
William Fulton Spring 1994 Degeneracy Loci, Schubert Varieties, and Classical Groups.
Simon Donaldson Spring 1994 Gauge Theory and 4-Manifold Topology
Moduli Spaces of Flat Bundles over Surfaces
Developments in Floer Homology
Gauge Theory & Symplectic Geometry.
Vaughan F. R. Jones Spring 1993 Knots I & II. von Neumann Algebras I & II.
Ronald L. Graham Fall 1992 Quasi-Randomness in Combinatorics.
Jean-Pierre Serre Spring 1992 The Riemann Hypothesis: Why?
Prime Numbers, Galois Groups & Modular Forms.
Don Zagier Spring 1992 Special Values of Zeta Functions.
H. Blaine Lawson, Jr. Fall 1991 Connections, Curvature and the Theory of Characteristic Residues
Symmetric Products, Algebraic Cycles & Homology of Algebraic Varieties
Stephen Smale Spring 1991 Chaos & Computation.
A. A. Kirillov Fall 1990 The Orbit Method in Representation Theory.
Izrael M. Gelfand Spring 1990 A-Discriminants, Hyperdeterminants and their Quantization.
Some Problems Connected with Geometry, Old & New.
Robert MacPherson Spring 1990 Intersection Homology and Perverse Sheaves from a Topological Point of View.
Yuri I. Manin Fall 1989 Counting Rational Points on Algebraic Varieties.
Clifford Taubes Spring 1989 Examples of Dirac Operators on Loop Spaces.
Vladimir I. Arnold Spring 1989 Singularity Theory & Its Applications.
Paul Erdos Fall 1988 Problems & Results in Extremal Graph Theory. Partitions. Problems & Results in Combinatorial Number Theory.
Joseph Harris Spring 1988 Parameter Spaces and Moduli Spaces in Geometry
Dennis Sullivan Fall 1987 Techniques of One-dimensional Dynamics Applied to Renormalization
Jacques Dixmier Spring 1987 Some Aspects of Invariant Theory
Michael Atiyah Spring 1987 Determinants of Dirac Operators
Lazlo Lovasz Spring 1986 Algorithms for Lattices and Convex Bodies
Barry Mazur Spring 1986 Representations of the Galois Group of Q and their Deformations
Peter D. Lax Spring 1985 The Laplace-Beltrami Operator and Automorphic Functions. Applications to Number Theory
Mikhael Gromov Fall 1984 Pseudo Holomorphic Curves in Symplectic Manifolds
John H. Conway Spring 1984 Games, Groups, Lattices, Loops
Richard G. Swan Fall 1983 Projective Modules Over Finite Groups
Louis Nirenberg Spring 1983 Lectures on Non-linear Problems
Dana Scott Fall 1982 Computability and Logic
Edward Nelson Spring 1982 Physical Reality and Mathematical Form
Robert Tarjan Spring 1982 Complexity of Combinatorial Algorithms
Marcel Berger Spring 1981 Some Inequalities in Riemannian Geometry
Michael Artin Spring 1981 Approximating Formal Power Series Solutions of Polynomial Equations and Finite Dimensional Representations of Rings
Melvin Hochster Spring 1980 "Boundary" of Commutative Algebra
Alain Connes Spring 1979 Von Neumann Algebras, Foliations, and the Index Theorem for Homogeneous Spaces of Lie Groups
S. S. Chern Fall 1978 Moving Frames: Old and New Applications
M. Schutzenberger Spring 1978 Mathematical Problems Raised by Kleene's Theorem
John T. Tate Spring 1978 Recent Progress in Analytic Number Theory
I. M. Singer Spring 1978 Some Problems in Global Differential Geometry Related to Quantum Field Theory