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Ph.D.'s are listed alphabetically by year.

The dissertation supervisor is listed in parentheses wherever known. Many early dissertations are reprints of published articles. The practice of acknowledging in the dissertation the support and direction of the dissertation supervisor did not become widespread until 1910 or so.

This list includes all Penn Ph.D.'s in Mathematics and some in Applied Mathematics.


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Purohit, Souparna 2024
(T. Chinburg)
Brazelton, Thomas 2023
(M. Merling)
A1-Brouwer degrees and applications to enriched enumerative geometry
Cassady, Connor 2023
(D. Harbater)
Gunther, Elijah 2023
(M. Merling)
A Monadic Interpretation of Categorical Mackey Functors
Wu, Da 2023
(X. Sun)
Yang, Jianing 2023
(D. Harbater)
Yang, Jingye 2023
(H. Gluck)
Xia, Jiaming 2022
(R. Pemantle)
Asymptotic properties of disordered systems
Urheim, Ellen 2022
(P. Gressman)
Song, Tao 2022
(C. Chai)
Schaffer Cohen, Anschel 2022
(D. Futer)
 Algebraic and geometric properties of big mapping class groups
Sbiti, Sammy 2022
(W. Ziller)
 Ancient Solutions of the Ricci Flow on Compact Homogenous Spaces
Li, Linjun 2022
(J. Ding)
 Anderson-Bernoulli Localization On 2D Aand 3D Lattice
Kim, Jongwon 2022
(J. Haglund)
Goodman, Eric T. 2022
(R. Pemantle)
Counting Extreme Points from Poisson Processes On A Half Line
Gillen, Stephen 2022
(R. Pemantle)
Geometry of Gradient Flows for Analytic Combinatorics
Bicalho Saturnino, Artur 2022
(D. Maximo)
The Geometry of Capillary and Constant Mean Curvature Surfaces
Benhaim, Alon 2022
(B. Falk)
Study of Nash Equilibria in Voting Games  
Zeng, Qingyun 2021
(J. Block)
Mai, Huy 2021
(R. Ghrist)
Euler Calculus, Euler Integral Transforms, and Combinatorial Species
Zanardini, Aline 2021
(A. Grassi)
Birational geometry of genus one fibrations and stability of pencils of plane curves
Yeo, Yao-Rui 2021
(C. Chai)
Mixed Carlitz motives and colored multizeta values in characteristic P
Wang, George 2021
(J. Haglund)
A cornucopia of labeled diagrams and their generating polynomials
Tsui, Man Cheung 2021
(J. Hartmann)
Differential Essential Dimension
Lee, Sukjoo 2021
(Donagi & Pantev)
Topics in Mirror Symmetry for Fano Varieties and Meromorphic DDP Correspondence
Lee, Jia-Choon 2021
(Donagi & Pantev)
Higgs bundles and modules over even Clifford algebra
Crew, Logan 2020
(J. Haglund & G. Panova)
Vertex-Weighted Generalizations of Chromatic Symmetric Functions
Goodman, McFeely Jackson 2020
(W. Ziller)
Moduli Spaces of Riemannian Metrics with Positive and Nonnegative Ricci and Sectional Curvature
Ionita, Matei 2020
(R. Donagi & T. Pantev)
Spectral Networks and Non-Abelianization for Reductive Groups
Morrissey, Benedict 2020
(R. Donagi & T. Pantev)
Nonabelianization, Spectral Data and Cameral Data
Paduro Williamson, Esteban A. 2020
(B. Strain)
On the breakdown of stability for the Muskat problem and the Epitaxial Growth Equation
Barbosa, Rodrigo 2019
(T. Pantev)
Deformations of G2-Structures, String Dualities and Flat Higgs Bundles
Karatapanis, Konstantinos 2019
(R. Pemantle)
Certain Systems Arising in Stochastic Gradient Descent
Krishnan, Anusha 2019
(W. Ziller)
Ricci Flow on Cohomogeneity One Manifolds
Liu, Yuhang 2019
(W. Ziller)
On Closed Six-Manifolds Admitting Metrics with Positive Selectional Curvature and Non-Abelian Symmetry
Michelen, Marcus 2019
(R. Pemantle)
Percolation of Galton-Watson Trees
Mrcela, Antonijo 2019
(T. Pantev)
On the Compatibility of Derived Structures on Critical Loci
Pollak, Benjamin 2019
(D. Harbater)
Ramification in the Inverse Galois Problem
Villano, Dominick 2019
(P. Gressman)
Some \(L^p\)-Improving Bounds for Radon-Like Transforms
Zeng, Zhen 2019
(P. Gressman)
Ramification in the Inverse Galois Problem
Zhang, Jianru 2019
(D. Harbater)
Moduli of Certain Wild Covers of Curves
Hoisington, Joseph 2018
(C. Croke)
On the Total Curvature and Betti Numbers of Complex Projective Manifolds
Brooks, Thomas 2018
(W. Ziller)
Riemannian Geometry of the Curvature Tensor
Chen, Chenchao 2018
(R. Pemantle)
Opinion Broadcasting Model
Jin, Xiaofei 2018
(T. Pantev)
Spectral Data for L2 Cohomology
Rosenberg, Joshua 2018
(R. Pemantle)
Sharp Thresholds for the Frog Model and Other Related Systems
Albert, Benjamin 2017
(J. Block)
Effective Field Theory on Manifolds with Boundary
Patel, Neel 2017
(R. Strain)
Rigorous Results in Fluid and Kinetic Models
Qiang, Hua 2017
(J. Block)
Bott-Chern Characteristic Forms and Index Theorems for Coherent Sheaves on Complex Manifolds
Tomaskovic-Moore, Sebastian 2017
(T, Chinburg)
Galois Module Structure of Lubin-Tate Modules
Citoler-Saumell, Martin 2016
(B. Weber)
A Gap Theorem for Half-Conformally-Flat 4-Manifolds
Frankel, Brett 2016
(T. Chinburg)
Representations of Fundamental Groups of Abelian Varieties in Characteristic p
Gilula, Maxim 2016
(P. Gressman)
A Real Analytic Approach to Estimating Oscillatory Integrals
Jang, Jin Woo 2016
(F. Pop)
Lifting Problems and Their Independence of the Coefficient Field
Nayak, Soumyashant 2016
(R. Kadison)
On the Diagonals of Projections in Matrix Algebras over Von Neumann Algebras
Pun, Ying Anna 2016
(J. Haglund)
On Decomposition of the Product of Demazure Atoms and Demazure Characters
Tofts, Spencer 2016
(R. Strain)
On the Existence of Solutions to the Muskat Problem with Surface TensionRiemannian Geometry of the Curvature Tensor
Astrand, Matti 2015
(F. Pop)
Lifting Problems and Their Independence of the Coefficient Field
Fagerholm, Edvard 2015
(A. Scedrov)
Automated Analysis in Generic Groups
Greenwood, Torin 2015
(R. Pemantle)
Asymptotics of Bivariate Generating Functions with Algebraic Singularities
Kjuchukova, Alexandra 2015
(J. Shaneson)
On the Classification of Irregular Dihedral Branched Covers of Four-Manifolds
Li, Tong 2015
(T. Pantev)
Twisted Spectral Data and Singular Monopole
Mo, Li-Ping 2015
(J. Haglund)
q-Hit polynomials have only real roots
Poh Wei Quan, Julius 2015
(R. Pemantle)
Shape and Other Properties of 1324-Avoiding Permutations
Spaide, Theodore 2015
(T. Pantev)
Shifted Symplectic Structures on Spaces
Curry, Justin 2014
(R. Ghrist)
Sheaves, Cosheaves and Applications
Ding, Shanshan 2014
(R. Pemantle)
A Random Walk in Representations
Jing, Taisong 2014
(C.-L. Chai)
The Strong CM Lifting Problem & the Relabelling Action on the Equicharacteristic Universal Deformation Space of Formal Groups over Fp
Kelly, Tyler 2014
(R. Donagi)
On Berglund-Hubsch-Krawitz Mirror Symmetry
Korman, Eric 2014
(J. Block)
Elliptic Involutive Structures and Generalized Higgs Algebroids
Manion, Ryan 2014
(T. Pantev)
Heterotic Chen-Ruan Cohomology
Mostert, Pieter 2014
(T. Chinburg)
Mixed Zeta Functions
Nuchi, Haggai Megged 2014
(H. Gluck)
The Hopf Fibrations are Chara cterized by Being Fiberwise Homogeneous
Subramanian, Sneha Dey 2014
(R. Pemantle)
Zeros, Critical Points and Coefficients of Random Functions
Surapaneni, Aditya L. 2014
(J. Block)
A Constructible Higher Riemann Hilbert Correspondence
Tai, Matthew 2014
(A. Kirillov)
Family Algebras and Isotypic Components of g g
Wen, Haomin 2014
(C. Croke)
Scattering and Lens Rigidity
Yeroshkin, Dmytro 2014
(W. Ziller)
Riemann Orbifolds with Non-Negative Curvature
Abuzzahab, Omar 2013
(R. Pemantle)
The 2-core of a Random Inhomogeneous Hypergraph
Eberhart, Ryan 2013
(D. Harbater)
Branched Covers of Curves with Fixed Ramification Locus
Garcia-Raboso, Alberto 2013
(T. Pantev)
A Twisted Nonabelian Hodge Correspondence
Kariv, Jonathan 2013
(R. Pemantle)
Broken Telephone, An analysis of a reinforced process
Lu, Zhentao (Victor) 2013
(R. Donagi)
Topics in Quantum Sheaf Cohomology
Topaz, Adam 2013
(F. Pop)
Commuting-Liftable Subgroups of Galois Groups
Wei, Zhaoting (George) 2013
(J. Block)
Baum-Connes Conjecture, Flag Varieties and Representations of Semisimple Lie Groups
Zhang, Ying 2013
(T. Chinburg)
Arithmetic Constructions of Binary Self-Dual Codes
Chen, Ting 2012
(R. Donagi)
The Associated Map of the Nonabelian Gauss-Manin Connection
Hasson, Hilaf 2012
(D. Harbater)
The Prime-to-p Part of Etale Fundamental Groups of Curves
Kennard, Lee 2012
(W. Ziller)
On the Hopf Conjecture with Symmetry
Radeschi, Marco 2012
(W. Ziller)
Low Dimensional Singular Riemannian Foliations in Spheres
Siegel, Charles 2012
(R. Donagi)
The Schottky Problem in Genus Five
Visontai, Mirko 2012
(J. Haglund)
Real-Rooted Polynomials in Combinatorics
Deliu, Dragos 2011
(T. Pantev)
Homological Projective Duality for Gr(3,6)
DeVito, Jason 2011
(W. Ziller)
The Classification of Biquotients of Dimension Less Than or Equal to 7 and 3 New Examples of Almost Positively Curved Manifolds
DeVries, Timothy 2011
(R. Pemantle)
Algorithms for Bivariate Singularity Analysis
Gruendken, Linda 2011
(F. Pop)
Higher Dimensional Class Field Theory: The Variety Case
Hom, Jennifer 2011
(P. Melvin)
Heegaard Floer Invariants and Cabling
Isik, Mehmet Umut 2011
(T. Pantev)
The Derived Category and the Singularity Category
Karayayla, Tolga 2011
(R. Donagi)
Classification of Automorphism Groups of Rational Elliptic Surfaces
Mendes, Ricardo Augusto 2011
(W. Ziller)
Equivariant Tensors on Polar Manifolds
Pandit, Pranav 2011
(T. Pantev)
Moduli Problems in Derived Noncommutative Geometry
Smith, Aaron 2011
(J. Block)
The Higher Riemann-Hilbert Correspondence and Multiholomorphic Mappings
Wright, Matthew 2011
(R. Ghrist)
Hadwiger Integration of Definable Functionals
Zhou, Xiaochen 2011
(C. Croke)
The C^infinity Jet of Non-Concave Manifolds and Lens Rigidity of Surfaces
Der, Ricky 2010
(C. Epstein)
A theory of generalized population processes
Diemer, Colin 2010
(A. Grassi)
The birational geometry of tropical compactifications
Dyckerhoff, Tobias 2010
(T. Pantev)
Isolated hypersurface singularities as noncommutative spaces
Gupta, Shuvra 2010
(D. Harbater)
Generic Galois extensions for families of finie groups
Liang, Tian 2010
(J. Haglund)
An overview of the geometry and combinatorics of the Macdonald polynomial and Q-T Catalan number
Lugo, Michael 2010
(R. Pemantle)
Profiles of large combinatorial structures
Rupinski, Andrew 2010
(A. Kirillov)
Factorizations in the irreducible representations of compact semisimple Lie groups
Auel, Asher 2009
(T. Chinburg)
Cohomological invariants of line bundle-valued symmetric bilinear forms
Bressler, Andrew E. 2009
(R. Pemantle)
Quantum random walks on the integer lattice via generating functions
Favero, David 2009
(T. Pantev)
A study of the geometry of the derived category
He, Chenxu 2009
(W. Ziller)
Non-negatively curved cohomogeneity one manifolds
Herreros, Pilar 2009
(C. Croke)
Rigidity of magnetic and geodesic flows
Jankowski, Christopher 2009
(R. Powers)
On type II_0 E_0-semigroups induced by Q-pure maps on M_N(C)
Obus, Andrew S. 2009
(D. Harbater)
Ramification of primes in fields of moduli of three-point covers
Olsen, John 2009
(W. Ziller)
Three dimensional manifolds all of whose geodesics are closed
Rowe, Paul 2009
(A. Scedrov)
Policy Compliance, Confidentiality and Complexity in Collaborative Systems
Shonkwiler, Clayton W. 2009
(H. Gluck/D. DeTurck)
Poincare duality angles on Riemannian manifolds with boundary
Vela-Vick, David Shea 2009
(J. Etnyre)
Applications of Ozsvath-Szabo invariants to contact geometry
Yoo, Meesue 2009
(J. Haglund)
Combinatorial formulas connected to diagonal harmonics and Macdonald polynomials
Zhu, Tong 2009
(R. Pemantle)
Nonlinear Polya urn models and self-organizing processes
Bogdan (Pavelescu), Elena 2008
(J. Etnyre)
Braids and open book decompositions
Dalakov, Peter 2008
(T. Pantev)
Higgs bundles and opers
Fithian, David 2008
(T. Chinburg)
Pseudomodular Fricke groups
Holschbach, Armin 2008
(F. Pop)
A Chebotarev-like density theorem in algebraic geometry
Kerin, Martin 2008
(W. Ziller)
Biquotients with almost positive curvature
Tsay, Joe-Kai 2008
(A. Scedrov)
Formal analysis of the Kerberos authentication protocol
Zong, Ying 2008
(C-L. Chai)
On hyper-symmetric abelian varieties
Bak, Anthony 2007
(R. Donagi)
Constructing bundles on Abelian surface
Corry, Scott 2007
(F. Pop)
Arithmetic and geometry of the open p-adic disc
Daenzer, Calder 2007
(J. Block)
A groupoid approach to noncommutative T-duality
Guerra, Stefano 2007
(R. Donagi)
Spectral cover construction for associated bundles
Hoelscher, Corey 2007
(W. Ziller)
Classification of cohomogeneity one manifold in low dimensions
Hoelscher, Jing Long 2007
(D. Harbater)
Galois extensions ramified at one prime
Ben-Bassat, Oren 2006
(T. Pantev)
Twisting derived equivalences
Can, Mahir 2006
(J. Haglund)
Nabla operator and combinatorial aspects of Atiyah-Bott Lefschetz theorem
Dillies, Jimmy 2006
(R. Donagi)
Automorphisms and Calabi-Yau threefolds
Mason, Sarah 2006
(J. Haglund)
Nonsymmetric Schur functions
Takeda, Schuichiro 2006
(C-L. Chai)
Some local-global non-vanishing results for theta lifts from orthogonal groups
Barwick, Clark 2005
(T. Pantev)
(infinity,n)-Cat as a closed model category
Byun, Jungyoon 2005
(J. Stasheff & M. Gerstenhaber)
A generalization of Connes-Kreimer Hopf algebra
Hindawi, Mohamad 2005
(C.B. Croke)
Asymptotic invariants of Hadamard manifolds
Lee, Dong Uk 2005
(C.L. Chai)
P-adic monodromy of the ordinary subscheme of Picard modular variety
Maxim, Laurentiu 2005
(J. Shaneson)
Alexander invariants of hypersurface complements
Mehrotra, Sukhendu 2005
(T. Pantev)
Triangulated categories of singularities: matrix factorizations and LG-models
Perng, Cherng-tiao 2005
(C.L. Chai)
Generalizations of Artin's conjecture for primitive roots
Sabitova, Maria 2005
(T. Chinburg)
Root numbers of Abelian varieties and representations of the Weil-Deligne group
Schoenenberger, Stephan 2005
(J. Etnyre)
Planar open books and symplectic fillings
Tripp, James 2005
(J. Etnyre)
Contact structures on open 3-manifolds
Yap, Shirley 2005
(D.M. DeTurck)
Prescribing curvature forms: solvability and obstruction results
Yuan, Haiping 2005
(T. Chinburg)
Special value formulae of Rankin L-functions
Aker, Kursat 2004
(R. Donagi)
Higgs bundles on Del Pezzo fibrations
Bana, Gergely 2004
(A. Scedrov)
Soundness and completeness results for the formal model of symmetric encryption
Butler, Frederick 2004
(J. Haglund)
Cycle-counting q-rook theory and other generalizations of classical rook theory
Gheorghiciuc, Irina 2004
(H.S. Wilf)
The subword complexity of finite and infinite binary words
Magland, Jeremy 2004
(C. Epstein)
Discrete inverse scattering theory for NMR pulse design
Parsley, Jason 2004
(D. DeTurck & H. Gluck)
The Biot-Savart operator and electrodynamics on bounded subdomains of the 3-sphere
Shen, Junhao 2004
(R.V. Kadison)
Free probability, free entropy and generator problems for von Neumann algebras
Song, Chunwei 2004
(J. Haglund)
Combinatorial theory of Q,T-Schroder polynomials, parking functions and trees
Beh, Jeffrey 2003
(P. Deift)
Strong asymptotics of ultraspherical polynomials with varying weights using Riemann-Hilbert techniques
Chadha, Rohit 2003
(A. Scedrov)
A formal analysis of exchange of digital signatures
Jaggard, Aaron 2003
(H. S. Wilf)
Involutions in the symmetric group: Containment properties and parallels to general permutations
Kang, Hyunsuk 2003
(C. Epstein)
Polynomial hulls and relative indices in dimension one
Khalid, Madeeha 2003
(R. Donagi)
K3 Correspondences
Khuri, Marcus 2003
(J. L. Kazdan)
The local isometric embedding in R^3 of two-dimensional Riemannian manifolds with Gaussian curvature changing sign to finite order on a curve
Watson, Oliver 2003
(C.L. Chai)
Equicharacteristic Tate conjecture for Drinfeld modules
Yin, Cui 2003
(D. Harbater)
The mapping class group and special Loci in moduli of curves
Atria, Matias 2002
(T. Chinburg)
Improved lower bounds for the discriminant of number fields
Glass, Darren 2002
(T. Chinburg)
Orthogonal epsilon constants for tame actions of finite groups on surfaces
Rojkovskaia, Natalia 2002
(A. Kirillov)
Quantum family algebras
Borodin, Alexei 2001
(A. Kirillov)
Harmonic analysis on the infinite symmetric group
Frye, Stephen 2001
(J. Shaneson)
On the topological classification of Toric varieties
Lehr, Claus-Georg 2001
(D. Harbater)
Reduction of wildly ramified covers of curves
Yan, Ning 2001
(A. Kirillov)
Representation theory of the finite unipotent linear groups
Zhang, Yuan-Sheng 2001
(H.S. Wilf)
Enumeration permutations with forbidden templates
Dergachev, Vladimir 2000
(A. Kirillov)
Index of Lie algebras and associative algebras
Dickinson, William 2000
(W. Ziller)
Curvature properties of the positively curved Eschenburg spaces
Fang, Weimin 2000
(W. Ziller)
Left invariant metrics on simple compact Lie groups and metrics on spheres
Lin, Yen-Chi Roger 2000
(C. Epstein)
On embeddings of compact Riemann surfaces
Liu, Xiong 2000
(R. V. Kadison)
Separating projections and contractivity in von Neumann algebras
Masenten, Robert 2000
(A. Kirillov)
Generalized exponents of sl_n(C)
Pries, Rachel 2000
(D. Harbater)
Formal patching and deformation of wildly ramified covers of curves
Zharkov, Ilia 2000
(R. Donagi)
Torus fibrations of Calabi-Yau hypersurfaces in toric varieties
Cantarella, Jason 1999
(H. R. Gluck)
Topological structure of stable plasma plows
Ksir, Amy 1999
(R. Donagi)
Prym varieties and integrable systems
Tapp, Kristopher 1999
(W. Ziller)
The geometry of open manifolds of nonnegative curvature
Yang, Chao 1999
(Fan Chung Graham)
The probabilistic Kirchhoff polynomials over finite field Fpk and a problem of Kontsevich
Yu, Chia-Fu 1999
(C. L. Chai)
On the supersingular locus of Hilbert-Blumenthal four-folds
Achter, Jeffrey 1998
(C. L. Chai)
Stratifications on moduli spaces of Abelian varieties in positive characteristic
Burstein, Alexander 1998
(H. S. Wilf)
Enumeration of words with forbidden patterns
Greenwald, Sarah 1998
(W. Ziller)
Diameters of spherical Alexandrov spaces and constant curvature one orbifolds
Mihailovs, Aleksandrs 1998
(A. Kirillov)
A combinatorial approach to representations of Lie groups and algebras
Pauls, Scott 1998
(C. B. Croke)
On quasi isometric invariants rigidity and related phenomena
Hu, Shubin 1997
(T. Chinburg)
On Eisenstein cocycles
Lazarev, Andrey 1997
(J. Block)
Spectral sheaves in stable homotopy
Mikovsky, Anthony 1997
(H. S. Wilf)
Convex polyominoes, general polyominoes, and self-avoiding walks using algebraic languages
Movshev, Michael 1997
(M. Larsen)
Translation priniciple in the category 0 for the Verasoro algebra
Price, Alkes 1997
(H. S. Wilf)
Packing densities of layered patterns
Selinger, Peter 1997
(A. Scedrov)
Functionality, polymorphism, and concurrency: A mathematical investigation of programming paradigms
Xiao, Caiqun 1997
(T. Chinburg)
Galois module structure of elliptic curves over number fields
Chkhenkeli, Mikhail 1996
(J. L. Shaneson)
Exotic smooth structures on 4-manifolds
Jiang, Shenjun 1996
(J. L. Shaneson)
Torus fibered knots
Lefcourt, Tamara 1996
(D. Harbater)
Mock covers and Galois theory over complete domains
Ge, Liming 1995
(R. V. Kadison)
On maximal injective subalgebras of factors
Gu, Weiqing 1995
(H. R. Gluck)
The stable 4-dimensional geometry of the real Grassman manifolds
Hicks, R. Andrew 1995
(W. Ziller)
Group actions and the topology of non-negatively curved 4-manifolds
Katzarkov, Ludmil 1995
(R. Donagi)
Factorizaton theorems for the representations of the fundamental groups of quasiprojective varieties and some applications
Kerr, Megan 1995
(W. Ziller)
Homogeneous Einstein metrics
Kwon, Seon-In 1995
(T. Chinburg)
Galois module structure of tame covers
Alimohamed, Moez 1994
(A. Scedrov)
A characterization of lambda definability in categorical models of implicit polymorphism
Chen, Xiu-Xiong 1994
(E. Calabi)
Extremal Hermitian metrices with curvature distortion in a Riemann surface
Finkelstein, Stacy 1994
(P. J. Freyd)
Tau categories and logic programming
Hansen, Mogens L. 1994
(R. V. Kadison)
Unitary norms on Banach algebras
Lewis, Ethan 1994
(D. Zeilberger)
Covering systems of congruences
Liu, Xiaobo 1994
( C. B. Croke)
Volume minimizing cycles in compact Lie groups
Pantev, Tony 1994
(R. Donagi)
Comparison of generalized theta functions
Stevenson, Katherine F. 1994
(D. Harbater)
Galois groups of unramified covers of projective curves in characteristic p
Escher, Christine 1993
(W. Ziller)
Minimal isometric immersions of spherical space forms into spheres
Garfield, Richard 1993
(H. S. Wilf)
On the residue clases of combinatorial families of numbers
Jensen, Kjeld Knudsen 1993
(R. V. Kadison)
Foundations of an equivariant cohomology theory for Banach algebras
Katz, Nets 1993
(D. M. DeTurck)
Noncommutative determinants and applications
Lau, Chi-Fong 1993
(T. Chinburg)
An arithmetic capacity on Grassmannian varieties
Yen, Lily 1993
(H. S. Wilf)
Contributions to the proof theory of hypergeometric identities
Zhang, Zhenyu 1993
(D. M. DeTurck)
The best distribution on Riemannian manifolds and the elastic deformation with constant principal strain invariants
Colding, Tobias Holck 1992
(C. B. Croke)
A.D. Alexandrov's spaces in Riemannian geometry
Li, Jiangfan 1992
(E. Calabi)
Extremal unit vector fields and extremal almost complex structures
Markman, Eyal 1992
(R. Donagi)
Spectral curves & integrable systems
Pan, Liu-Hua 1992
(H. R. Gluck)
Existence and uniqueness of volume-minimizing cycles in Grassmann manifolds
Schwachhoefer, Lorenz 1992
(W. Ziller)
Connections with exotic holonomy
Blute, Richard 1991
(A. Scedrov)
Linear logic, coherence and dinaturality
Cai, Mingliang 1991
(W. Ziller)
On manifolds of almost non-negative Ricci curvature
Dew, Eric 1991
(D. Harbater)
Fields of moduli of arithmetic Galois groups
Giaquinto, Anthony 1991
(M. Gerstenhaber)
Deformation methods in quantum groups
Iaia, Joseph 1991
(D. M. DeTurck)
Isometric embeddings of surfaces with non-negative curvature in R3
Alber, Mark 1990
(J. Marsden)
Geometric phases, geometric asymptotics and integrable systems
Coll, Vincent E. 1990
(M. Gerstenhaber)
Universal deformation formulae
Jin, Zhiren 1990
(J. L. Kazdan)
Three problems concerning the elliptic equations and systems
Kamberov, George I. 1990
(D. M. DeTurck)
Singular geometric partial differential equations
Lu, Duojia 1990
(W. Ziller)
Homogeneous foliations of spheres
Cao, Jianguo 1989
(C. B. Croke)
The generalized isothermal coordinates and its applications in geometry
Chang, Pei-Kun 1989
(D. M. DeTurck)
Estimates on harmonic maps
Costa, Antone R. 1989
(T. Chinburg)
The modularity of certain class number congruences
Schmidt, Thomas A. 1989
(T. Chinburg)
Quaternion L-value congruences
Talvacchia, Janet C. 1989
( D. M. DeTurck)
Prescribing the curvature of a principal bundle connection
Zito, Jennifer S. 1989
(H. S. Wilf)
{a,c}-critical graphs
Bae, Sunghan 1988
(T. Chinburg)
On the conjectures of Lichtenbaum and of Chinburg over function fields
Kang, Pyung-Lyun 1988
(S. P. Diaz)
On the variety of plane curves of degree d with s nodes and k cusps
Kim, Seyong 1988
(T. Chinburg)
A generalization of Frohlich's theorem to wildly ramified quaternion extensions of Q
Pedersen, Sharon L. 1988
(H. R. Gluck)
Optimal vector fields on spheres
Schmutz, Eric J. 1988
(H. S. Wilf)
Statistical group theory
Yim, Jin-Whan 1988
(C. B. Croke)
Space of souls in a complete open manifold of nonnegative curvature
Corona, Carlos 1987
(J. L. Kazdan)
Monge-Ampere equations on convex regions and the Weyl problem
Kwong, Yui-Hoi Harris 1987
(A. Nijenhuis)
Minimum periods of infinitei nteger sequences generated by rational functions modulo M
Lazebnik, Felix 1987
(H. S. Wilf)
Some extremal problems for graphs with fixed numbers of vertices
Rordam, Mikael 1987
(R. V. Kadison)
The theory of unitary rank and regular approximation
Beckmann, Sybilla 1986
(D. Harbater)
Fields on definition of solvable branched coverings
Kaplan, Alexander 1986
(R. V. Kadison)
Multi-states on operator algebras
Wertheimer, Michael 1986
(H. S. Wilf)
Designs in quadrics
Woo, Sung-Sik 1986
(S. S. Shatz)
On some connections between K-theory and Algebraic-Geometry
Wenzl, Hans G. 1985
(V. Jones)
Representations of Hecke algebras and subfactors
Brittain, Donald 1984
(W. Ziller)
A diameter pinching theorem for positive Ricci curvature
Yetter, David Nelson 1984
(P. J. Freyd)
Aspects of synthetic differential geometry
Petro, John 1983
(H. R. Gluck)
Great sphere fibrations of manifolds
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Factorization and enumeration of labeled combinatorial objects
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Irreducible triangular algebras
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L2 cohomology of non-compact surfaces
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Existence of metrics with prescribed ricci tensors: local theory
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On the deformation of an algebra homomorphism
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On integer sequences not containing arithmetic progressions
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Representation theory of an infinite-dimensional unitary group
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The C*-algebras of compact transformation groups
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An algebraic approach to symmetry with applications to knot theory
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Geodesic fields with singularities
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Model Theory for Intuitionistic Logic  
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On the classification of the ordered groups associated with the approximately finite dimensional C*-algebras
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Vector bundles over number fields
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The spectrum of Grassmannians
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Deformations of purely inseparable field extensions
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Abelian group theory in a topos
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Global solutions and equilibrium states of quasilinear parabolic equations
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Sorting, trees and combinatorial families
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Manifolds without focal points
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On the exponential map of a Lie group
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Quasi-free derivations on the canonical anticommutation
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Weierstrass points and monomial curves
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Derivations in C*-algebras
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A critical case method of proof in combinatorial mathematics
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P-adic hypergeometric functions and their cohomology
Tsui, Sze-Kai 
(R. V. Kadison)
Decompositions of linear maps
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Ramsey numbers and combinatorial designs
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Duality theory for covariant systems
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P.L. actions and equivariant general position
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(T. L. Saaty) 
Applied Math
On the number of 5-cycles in a tournament
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Integral invariants of convex cones
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Topological dynamics and C*-algebras
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Eulerian graphs and polynomial identities for sets of matrices
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Homogeneous C * -algebras over Sn
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Commutative projections and Abelian subalgebras
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On the cohomology of fiber varieties over a symmetric space
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On the distribution of conjugate points
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Equivariant homotopy theory
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Some theorems on (CA) analytic groups
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(H. S. Wilf) 
Applied Math
A non-linear extension of Perron-Froebenius theory and its application to the asymptotic estimation of certain operator norms
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(E. G. Effros)
The classification of Hilbert bundles
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On Kahler manifolds with positive sectional curvature
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Applied Math
More sonorous arithmetic with chi square statistics and Markov chains
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A homotopy theory of C*-algebras
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The Cauchy problem for Douglis-Nirenberg elliptic systems of partial differential equations
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A converse to the Gauss-Bonnet Theorem
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AW*-algebras with faithful weakly closed representations
Lee, Ru-Ying 1972
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Full algebras of operator fields, trivial except at one point
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Deformations of singularities of complex plane curves
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(A. Wallace)
Brieskorn varieties and spherical modification
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Absolutely isolated triple points of complex algebraic surfaces
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Free abelian categories
Albertson, Michael 1971
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Irreducibility and coloring problems
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The critical set of the reduced norm
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Abstract Horn theories
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(H. S. Wilf) 
Applied Math
An algorithm for graph isomorphism using adjacency matrices
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(M. Frank Norman) 
Applied Math
On certain problems in the theory of Markov processes that arise in connection with stochastic learning models
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(H. S. Wilf)
Some results on crossing numbers
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Group scheme homology, cohomology, and extensions
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Some aspects of localization
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Boundary value problems for parabolic equations
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Isotopy classification of homeomorphisms of multiply punctured compact 2-manifolds
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(M. Gerstenhaber)
High order derivations of purely inseparable fields
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(M. Goto)
A generalization of the fundamental theorem of projective geometry
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(S. Sakai & J. M. G. Fell)
Asymptotic abelianness of infinite factors
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Completely isometric maps and triangular operator algebras
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(R. T. Powers) 
Applied Math
On quantum mechanical scattering in periodic media
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On certain classes in univalent polynomials
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A condition for a filtered ring to be isomorphic to its associated graded ring
Shar, Albert O. 1970
(G. J. Porter)
The homotopy groups of spaces whose rational cohomology is a truncated polynomial algebra
Singer, David A. 1970
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General position and structural stability in piecewise linear topology
Vesterstrom, Jorgen 1970
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Quotients of W*-algebras
Weinblatt, Margaret Sherwin 1970
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A categorical setting for the third cohomology group of an object with coefficients in a module
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On a generalization of gamma function and its application to certain Dirichlet series
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Connections on semi-simple Lie groups
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A semi-group associated with an invariant measure on a transformation group
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Some results in combinatorial matrix theory
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(Y. H. Ku) 
Applied Math
Global properties of a diffusion process on a cylindrical phase space
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(L. R. Klein) 
Applied Math
Stability of stochastic general equilibrium systems
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On splitting fields for principal homogeneous spaces for certain elliptic curves over local fields
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Physical states on a C *-algebra
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Homotopy groups of algebraic arcs found by smoothed approximations
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(N. C. Ankeny)
An extension of the large sieve to algebraic number fields
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(M. Gerstenhaber)
Abelian approximate automorphisms
Zaromp, Avigdor 1968
(M. Gerstenhaber)
On Abelian families of approximate automorphism of purely inseparable field extensions
Callahan, Frances 1967
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Deformations of the tensor product of purely inseparable fields
Gordon, Paul 1967
(G. Sell)
Paths connecting elementary critical points of dynamical systems
Gumas, George 1967
(Y. H. Ku) 
Applied Math
The optimal inverse and problems of optimization
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(C. H. Sah)
Classical groups over compact valuation rings of characteristic 2
Wood, James 1967
(S. Sakai)
Algebraic reduction theory of W*-algebras
Bunge, Marta Cavallo 1966
(P. J. Freyd)
Categories of set valued functors
Busby, Robert C. 1966
(E. G. Effros)
Extensions of C*-algebras
Einhorn, Sheldon Jay 1966
(I. J. Schoenberg)
Positive semi-definite functions and Euclidean sets with only two distances
Glaeser, Richard Carl 1966
(M. Goto)
The centers of real simple Lie group
Goldstein, Richard Z. 1966
(C. T. Yang)
A product of spheres piecewise linearly unknots in a sphere
Kalme, John S. 1966
(S. Sakai)
Spectral theory of Wiener-Hopf type integral operators on generalized Sobolev spaces
Schiller, John Joseph 1966
(M. Gerstenhaber)
Moduli for special Riemann surfaces of genus 2
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(I. J. Schoenberg)
On finite metric sets
Alter, Ronald 1965
(E. Grosswald)
On a necessary condition for the validity of the Riemann hypothesis for functions that generalize the Riemann zeta function
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(M. Goto)
On the lattice of subalgebras of a Lie algebra
Leahy, John Vincent 1965
(M. Gerstenhaber)
Deformation of filtered and graded objects in an abelian category
Sellers, Peter H. 1965
(H. S. Wilf)
Algebraic complexes which characterize chemical networks
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(H. A. Rademacher)
On the theorems of Watson and Dragonette for Ramanujan's mock theta functions
Goldsmith, Donald Leon 1964
(E. Grosswald)
An elementary proof of the prime number theorem for arithmetic progressions with an error term
Rockoff, Maxine Lieberman 1964
(M. Gerstenhaber)
Comparison of some iterative methods for solving large systems of linear equations
Smith, Harvey Alvin 1964
(C. Ionescu-Tulcea)
Tensor products of topological algebras
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(I. J. Schoenberg)
On the discrepancy of certain sequences Mod 1
Grabois, Neil Robert 1963
(D. K. Harrison)
Pure extensions of algebras
Liu, Teng-Sun 1963
(C. Ionescu-Tulcea)
Vanishing algebras and invariant subspaces of some function spaces
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(A. S. Besicovitch)
An isoperimetric inequality for polyhedrons and its application to an extremal problem
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(D. K. Harrison)
Cohomology of commutative algebras
Inselmann, Edmund Hermann 1962
(M. A. Woodbury)
Inferences in Stochastic processes
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Bounds on minimal distance for product codes with parity check constraints
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Midpoint regions and simultaneous Diophantine approximation
Su, Jin-Chen 1962
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Transformation group on cohomology projective spaces
Clay, Jesse Paul 1961
(W. H. Gottschalk)
Proximity and equicontinuity in transformation groups
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Some imbedding properties of locally compact Hausdorff spaces which possess unisolvent systems
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Topics in the theory of Schlicht functions
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Simple and weakly almost periodic transformation groups
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Partitions into bounded summands from arbitrary sets
Bidwell, Leonard 1960
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Regionally almost periodic transformation groups
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Groups of formal analytic transformations
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(G. Schweigert)
An investigation of a conjecture of Goodman
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On the solvability of a second order linear homogeneous differential equation
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Compact complex homogeneous manifolds
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A new generalization of a problem of F. Lukacs
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Groups and semigroups of topological dynamics
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A problem on partitions with a prime modulus p=3
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(H. A. Rademacher)
On some integrals of analytic additive number theory
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(I. J. Schoenberg)
On monosplines of least deviation
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Part I: On Haar's theorem concerning Chebychev approximation problems having unique solutions; and Part II: Boundary values of continuous analytic functions
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Compact abelian transformation groups
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Some applications of orthogonal systems of functions to interpolation and analytic continuation
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The commutativity of certain classes of rings
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Algebraic foundations of number-representation systems
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On an explicit method for the numerical solution of a Stefan problem
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Mean L-stable systems
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Derivative manifolds and Taylor series in the mean
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Lie simplicity of a special class of associative rings
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(H. W. Kuhn)
Extreme games, simple games, and finite solutions
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Zeros of neighboring infinitely differentiable functions
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(N. J. Fine)
I. Some duality theorems; II. On the characters of certain compact Abelian groups
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The Fourier coefficients of the invariants j(\sqrt{2}t) and j(\sqrt{3}t)
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On multiply monotone functions and their Laplace transforms
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Regular curves and regular points of finite order
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Continuity and homeomorphism groups
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Brownian motion and the Green's function - the plane case
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On the discriminant of arbitrary algebraic number fields
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Relational algebra
Newman, Morris 1952
(H. A. Rademacher)
A structure theorem for certain modular subgroups, with applications to the construction of modular identities
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(J. Lehner)
A class of continued fractions associated with certain properly discontinuous groups
Tomber, Marvin L. 1952
(R. D. Schafer)
Lie algebras of type F
Butcher, George H. 1951
(J. R. Kline)
An extension of the sum theorem of dimension theory
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(H. A. Rademacher)
Asymptotic formula for the mock theta series of Ramanujan
Rabinowitz, Philip 1951
(W. H. Gottschalk)
Normal coverings and uniform spaces
Schild, Albert 1951
(H. A. Rademacher)
On a problem in conformal mapping of Schlicht functions
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(H. A. Rademacher)
On the structure of some subgroups of the modular group
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(J. R. Kline)
On the strong differentiation of the indefinite integral
Penico, Anthony Joseph 1950
(R. D. Schafer)
The Wedderburn principal theorem for Jordan algebras
Remage, Russell Jr. 1950
(G. E. Schweigert)
Invariance and periodicity properties of non-alternating in the large transformations
Rosen, Saul 1950
(H. A. Rademacher)
Modular transformation of certain series
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(I. J. Schoenberg)
On the postitivity of translation determinants for Pólya frequency functions with an application to the interpolation problem by Spline curves
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(H. A. Rademacher)
On a certain weighted partition function
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Retraction properties for normal Hausdorff spaces
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Theta series in the Gaussian field
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On the type of the polynomials generated by f(xt)f(t)
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On the representations of a number as the sum of three squares
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(A. Zygmund)
On the Walsh functions
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Some theorems in dimension theory for normal Hausdorff spaces
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Extensions of homeomorphisms
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On the Bloch-Landau constant for Schlicht functions
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A partition function with the prime modulus P > 3
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A transformation formula in the theory of partitions
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(J. A. Shohat)
An application of the classical orthogonal polynomials to the theory of interpolation
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(H. A. Rademacher)
A partition function connected with the modulus five
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(J. A. Shohat)
Elliptic orthogonal polynomials
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(H. A. Rademacher)
Additive prime number theory in real quadratic fields
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Accessibility and separation by simple closed curves
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A class of continued fractions
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(J. R. Kline)
Decompositions and dimension of closed sets in Rn
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Persymmetric and Jacobi determinant expressions for othogonal polynomials
Bailey, Richard Pennington 1935
(J. A. Shohat)
Convergence of sequences of positive linear functional operations
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(J. A. Shohat)
On the zeros of Jacobi polynomials with applications
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(J. A. Shohat)
Methods of deriving homogeneous linear differential equtions of the second order satisfied by a certain class of orthogonal polynomials
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(J. R. Kline)
On upper semi-continuous decompositions of curves and manifolds
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(J. R. Kline)
Topological immersion of Peanian continua in a spherical surface
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(H. H. Mitchell)
Concerning powers of certain classes of ideals in a cyclotomic realm which give the principal class
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(J. R. Kline)
On certain associated metric spaces
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(J. A. Shohat)
On a certain class of orthogonal polynomials
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On mechanical quadratures formulae involving the classical orthogonal polynomials
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On continuous curves with cyclic connection of high order
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On the numerators of the convergents of the Stieltjes continued fractions
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(H. H. Mitchell)
On the expansion of a certain type of determinant
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(J. R. Kline)
Cyclicly connected continuous curves whose complementary domain boundaries are homeomorphic, preserving branch points
Carlitz, Leonard 1930
(H. H. Mitchell)
Galois fields of certain types
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(J. R. Kline)
A study of continuous curves and their relation to the Janiszewski-Mullikin Theorem
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(J. R. Kline)
On continuous curves which are homogeneous except for a finite number of points
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(J. R. Kline)
Concerning the cut points of a continuous curve when the arc curve, AB, contains exactly N independent arcs
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(J. R. Kline)
On two-dimensional analysis situs with special reference to the Jordon Curve Theorem
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(J. R. Kline)
Concerning continuous curves and correspondences
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Double elliptic geometry in terms of point order and congruence
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(J. R. Kline)
Concerning the subsets of a plane continuous curve
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(H. H. Mitchell)
Determination of the ternary collineation groups whose coefficients lie in the GF(2n)
Thomas, Joseph Miller 1923
(F. W. Beal)
Congruences of circles, studied with reference to the surface of centers
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(R. L. Moore)
Certain theorems relating to plane connected point sets
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(O. E. Glenn)
Concerning the invariant theory of involutions of conics
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(R. L. Moore)
Linear order in three dimensional Euclidean and double elliptical spaces
Shoemaker, Harry Melvin 1918
(F. H. Safford)
A generalized equation of the vibrating membrane expressed in curvilinear coordinates
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(R. L. Moore)
Double elliptic geometry in terms of point and order
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(M. J. Babb)
Some extensions of the work of Pappus and Steiner on tangent circles
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(H. H. Mitchell)
Fundamental regions for certain finite groups
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(O. E. Glenn)
Some fundamental systems of formal modular invariants and covariants
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The resolvents of Konig and other types of symmetric functions
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(O. E. Glenn)
On the theory of invariants of n lines
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(O. E. Glenn)
Determination of the order of the groups of isomorphisms of the groups of order p4 , where p is prime
O'Shaughness, Louis 1911
(I. J. Schwatt)
The integrability of the differential equation representing the sum of a family of series
Babb, Maurice Jefferis 1910 The second category of the groups of order 2mwhich contain self-conjugate cyclic sub-groups of order 2m-4
Chambers, George Gailey 1908 The groups of isomorphisms of the abstract groups of order p2q
Finkel, Benjamin Franklin 1906 Determination of all groups of order 2m which contain cyclic self-conjugate sub-groups of order 2m-4 and whose generating operations correspond to the partitions (m-4,4), (m-4,3,1)
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(G. H. Hallett)
The determination of the abstract groups of order p2qr; p,q and r being distinct primes
Hanna, Ulysses Sherman 1905
(G. H. Hallett)
The bitangentials of the plane quintic and plane sextic
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(G. H. Hallett 
& E. S. Crawley)
Groups of order pm which contain cyclic subgroups of order pm-3
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Schwatt, Isaac Joachim 1893
(E. S. Crawley)
Geometrical treatment of curves
Crawley, Edwin Schofield 1892 The forms of quartics with one node and four real and distinct asymptotes