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THIS WEBPAGE WILL HAVE UPDATES Thru the Spring 2022 TERM, SO CHECK BACK. Links to register for the exams will be added on Janaury 17th.


For those who pass, the results of the placement exams will be posted to your transcripts by your home school once the Math Dept has verified and completed processing the results. Please allow 3 weeks from the second exam date for your credits to be posted. Students will be informed of their passing of the AP exams within 2-3 days of the first exam date. Makeup exam results will be graded and reported out to students by their Fall course professor and could take longer.

Students registered with SDS will take their makeup or placement exams on the second day of Credit Exams Monday, January 24th from 6pm to (TBA), Eastern time. You will not be able to take a second AP exam due to time contraints.  We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Students taking their AP exams on Thursday, Jan. 20th will be able to take 2 placement exams (which must be taken in numerical order). However, if you don't pass the first day of AP exams, you will not be allowed to take the second day of AP exams. These exams are open to all UPenn students and will be available online only. In person exams have been suspended due to Covid-19. We advise students to use our old final exams posted on our "Undergraduate Webpage" to prepare for the exam.

Students taking non-calculus makeup exams (excluding these courses 103, 104 110, 114, 240 or 241) will take their exams along with the SDS students on Mon, Jan. 24th from 6 to 8pm.  You should contact your Fall 2021  instructors for test results.   IF YOU HAVE A CONFLICT WITH THE JAN. 24TH  EXAM DATE, CONTACT YOUR Fall 2021 INSTRUCTOR TO MAKE ALTERNATE ARRANGEMENTS.

Note: If you did not take a final exam and received an "incomplete" grade from the previous semester for any course, you should register below.  

Those registering should self-enroll in the canvas site that is dedicated to the exam you will take (only register for 1 exam) using the links at the bottom of this webpage.  There will be a second signup sheet for those students who want to take a second unit of AP exams. This site should be among the canvas sites you see when you log into canvas.  Go to the canvas site of your exam to read how the exam will run. We would like you to be familiar with the process of scanning and uploading your answers before the exam itself.  Step by step instructions for completing this assignment are given on the canvas site. 

FALL POSTPONED CALCULUS ONLY MAKE-UP Exams (includes 104, 110, 114, 240 & 241 only)

Date: Thursday, January 20, 2022
Time: 6-8 PM (Eastern time)
Place: Online Only
No calculators or additional materials are allowed

Credit by Exam: Credit Exams for Math 104, 114, 240, 241 

Date: Thursday, January 20, 2022
Time: 6-8 PM
Place: Online only
No calculators are allowed. 

You must provide your Penn ID to take the exams.


And 2nd Unit of Credit by Exam:  for 114, 240 and 241,  

Date: Monday, January 24th from to 8pm 

Time: 6-8pm Easter Standard Time
Place: Online Only
No calculators are allowed

Note: These "second unit AP credit" exams on the material in Math 114, 240 and 241 are for those who already took and passed the first day of AP calculus exams and also wish to take the next sequence of the calculus course to get a second unit of credit "only".

You will receive 1 unit of AP credit if you pass the first exam. If you pass both exams you will receive 2 units of AP credit (no grade will be posted).

The credit exams are pass/fail, if you pass (getting 80% or more correct), just the AP credit will show up on your transcript. It doesn't affect your gpa. If you fail, you can take the credit exam again the next semester that it is given.  Failed AP attempts will not appear on your trancripts.  Our placement exams are given during the Fall and Spring semesters only, normally within the 2nd week of classes.

See the above rules about who is eligible to take an exam Monday, January 24 from 6 to 8pm. Here are the links to self-enroll for the exams:

Math 104:

Math 114:

Math 240:

Math 241:  



Register for Exams on 1-24-22:


Incoming first-year students MUST take the online Canvas Diagnostic Exam during the Advanced Registration period and report their scores to their academic advisor. In addition to the Diagnostic Exam, first-year students may also take our Credit By Exam(s) .