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No permits will be issued before classes begin for the semester in which the permit is needed.    For non-calculus courses that are full, send an email to request written permission from the professor to enter their course. They may keep a waitlist to submit to the Math staff once classes have begun. Lectures specified "for engineering students only" will require written permission from the professor as well.  Professors must send their permission emails to and copy

Students can begin sending your permit requests to (and copy beginning Monday, January 17th. Please include your PID#, lecture, section and recitation in your request. However, in order to keep our recitation levels manageable, we may assign a different recitation at our own discretion. 

Once a permit has been issuued, you must go to Penn-In-Touch's registration screen to claim the permit.  Check the top-right hand corner for the word "permit" and click on each course to then add it to your schedule. Your permit could drop if you take too long to claim it. Your permit will be processed in the order that they are requested beginning on the first day of classes.  If you don't fit the criteria, your request will be denied and you will receive an email.

We advise students to continue checking Penn-In-Touch up until the first day of classes as previously closed classes may open up as students continue to adjust their schedules. Penn-in-Touch will drop your registrations if your are not registered for both the recitation and the corresponding lecture.

We only issue permits for closed classes if the closed section is the only section that fits in the students schedule and space is available. We do not issue permits for LPS (evening) courses unless all the daytime sections conflicts with the students schedule. The permit will be revoked when the conflict ceases to exist.

If you have conflicts due to sports, you must contact Rosemary Burnett in the Athletics Dept., Weightman Hall, 898-9479 or email her at, she will verify your conflict to the Math office.