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The William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition is administered by the Mathematical Association of America, which is held the first Saturday in December, the exam is designed to test originality and technical competence in formal theories from various disciplines of undergraduate mathematics. For a more detailed description, please click here. For the prize structure please click here.

If you are interested in participating, or just in connecting with other students who are practicing these competition problems email Mona Merling ( for the link to the invitation to join the Putnam study group Discord server. 
We have set up the Discord in order for people to think about practice problems from old exams together and discuss them. This should be a laid back, fun way to stay in touch with other while practicing Putnam problems. 
There are also weekly socials with pizza to discuss problems in person. These are held in Harrison House M20 (mezzanine, seminar room) on Sundays 4-5pm. Check out the calendar for sessions. The weekly problems to be discussed are proposed on the Discord and updates about meetings will also be shared there.



Problems from Putnam exams and solutions (up through and including the 2018 exam) can be found here, along with a list of winners and information about scores.

For advice on how to write up solutions to problems, Putnam participants may find this page helpful.