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The William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition is administered by the Mathematical Association of America . Held the first Saturday in December, the exam is designed to test originality and technical competence in formal theories from various disciplines of undergraduate mathematics. For a more detailed description, please click here. For the prize structure please click here.

This year's (2017) Putnam competition will be held on Saturday, December 2nd, from 10am to 6pm in room TBA, with a two hour break in between.


In order to participate in the competition you need to sign up online. To participate in practice sessions or to be considered for Penn's Putnam team, you should sign up as soon as possible (in September). If you haven't signed up on time, there might be still a free spot available: you can show up at the exam and take the spot of anyone registered who does not appear.


The Penn Putnam team will be determined by a mock exam, date and time TBA.

The Professor in charge of administering the Putnam, determining the team etc this year is Professor David Harbater.