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Steps to declare the Math Minor:

  1. Minor Declaration Period ends on Dec. 10th in the Fall and April 20th in Spring
  2. SAS students add a math minor on your academic worksheet in Penn-in-touch (all others create a separate math minor worksheet under  the "SAS" school as a non-college student). Contact your academic advisor if you experience problems.
  3. Email once you have created the minor worksheet in Penn-in-touch and include your PID#. Due to COVID-19 no in person contact is available. 
  4. Note: if you are registered with 2 schools, list which school you want the minor posted on. 
  5. Your worksheet will be reviewed by an advisor and if approved, officialized (this means you cannot make changes to your course plan without contacting a minor advisor)
  6. Please allow 10 business days for your minor to appear on your transcript and then check it.  The Math Office will not reply further unless your minor is rejected.
  7. Once you enter your semester of graduation, email the Math Office to request to have your minor worksheet certified.  Minor processing ends Dec 15th thru Jan 5th. 

Minor in Mathematics

A minor in mathematics consists of seven (7) course units which the student must complete with a grade of C (2.0) or better. Classes taken on a pass/fail basis may not count toward the math minor. The minimum requirements are as follows:

  • Math 104, Calculus, Part I
  • Math 114, Calculus, Part II, Math 116 Honors Calculus, or Math 115, Calculus, Part II with Probability and Matrices
  • Math 240, Calculus III, or Math 260 Honors Calculus, Part II
  • At least one course from the following list:

    Note: Students who have already received credit for either Math 370, 371, 502 or 503 cannot receive further credit for Math 312/313/513. Students can receive credit toward the minor for at most one of the four courses Math 312/313/314/513 because of the overlap in their content.
    Students who count both Math 370 and Math 371 toward a Math Minor cannot count any of Math 312/313/513 toward a Math Minor.

  • Three additional course units (to make a total of seven) chosen from all remaining courses offered by the Math department which are numbered 202 or above. Some courses given outside the Math Department can be counted as math courses. (See Cognate courses.) In addition, students may count one appropriate course given outside the department which is not treated as a math course towards a math minor (a cognate course). For more details concerning cognate courses, see Cognates.

The math minor is open to undergraduates in SEAS, Wharton and SAS. Students should e-mail( to ask questions.