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This is an honors version of Math 240. It will cover the material in greater depth than that course, with more challenging problems and more attention to definitions and to the reasons behind the results. The course assumes familiarity with the material in Math 116. The precise sequence of topics within each semester will differ somewhat between the Math 114-240 sequence and the Math 116-260 sequence; but over the course of the two semesters, the honors sequence will cover the usual material and more. Students who wish to take further mathematics courses beyond Math 116 and 260 will be prepared to take either of two sequences in analysis/advanced calculus (Math 360-361 or Math 508-509), and either of two sequences in abstract and linear algebra (Math 370-371 or Math 502-503).


Tom Apostol, Calculus, volumes I and II, second edition. On reserve at MPA library, DRL 3N1.

Topics covered:

  • Linear spaces. Volume II, Chapter 1 (= Volume I, Chapter 15).

  • Linear transformations and matrices. Volume II, Chapter 2 (= Volume I, Chapter 16).

  • Determinants. Volume II, Chapter 3.

  • Eigenvalues and eigenvectors. Volume II, Chapter 4.

  • Eigenvalues of operators on Euclidean spaces. Volume II, Chapter 5.

  • Introduction to dierential equations. Volume I, Chapter 8.

  • Linear dierential equations. Volume II, Chapter 6.

  • Systems of dierential equations. Volume II, Chapter 7.

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Important Dates

  • Tuesday January 20th - First Day of Classes 
  • Tuesday February 2nd - Course Selection Period Ends (Last Day to Add a class)
  • Friday February 12th - Engagement Day (No Classes)
  • Monday March 1st - Drop Period Ends (Last day to Drop a class)
  • Wednesday March 10th and Thursday March 11th Spring Term Break (No Classes)
  • Friday March 19th - Grade Type Change Deadline (Last Day to switch between Pass/Fail and Grade)
  • Monday March 29th - Last day to withdraw from a course
  • Tuesday March 30th - Engagement Day (No Classes)
  • Monday April 12th - Engagement Day (No Classes)
  • Thursday April 29th - Last Day of Classes
  • Friday April 30th through Monday May 3rd - Reading Days 
  • Calculus Common Final Exams: Tuesday, May 4th Noon-2pm
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